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For Peat’s Sake…

Planters’ Pride Launches Eco-Friendly Alternative

Brampton, ON: October, 2006 – More than most, avid gardeners have a keen interest in preserving nature’s bounty. For that reason alone, they are certain to welcome new products that offer an eco-friendly alternative – especially when they also boast performance enhancements at no additional cost to the consumer.
That’s the happy combination offered by Brampton, Ontario-based Planters’ Pride, the retail division of ITML Horticultural Products, the North American market leader in the manufacture and supply of growing containers. Planter’s Pride has successfully tested and developed the new line of Fiber Grow pots, pellets, greenhouse kits and transplant kits, all made from coir (pronounced core), a biodegradable fibre created from plentiful, and renewable coconut husks. The Fiber Grow line is set to be in market by Mid-November. 
As attention continues to focus on the detrimental effects of peat harvesting, Fiber Grow products offer a non-peat alternative with significant benefits.
Fiber Grow attributes include:
  • More durable than peat pots – don’t tear as easily.
  • Biodegradable – in the soil in the case of pellets, in compost facilities with pots.
  • Coconut coir-based starter disks expand up to 10 times faster than competing peat pellets.
  • Attractive, natural brown colour.
  • Better performing, equivalently priced and truly eco-friendly.
“An Earth-friendly philosophy is at the heart of everything we do at Planters’ Pride,” says Spokesperson Veronica Sliva. “Sustainable growth and protecting the environment by reducing dependency on natural resources is something we are proud to contribute to by finding new ways to use renewable, recyclable and biodegradable materials. This new line of coconut fibre-based products is a perfect example, answering the demands of consumers who want to act responsibly while pursuing their love of nature through gardening.”
A study by the University of Guelph comparing Fiber Grow coir-based starting pellets with a peat-based competitor revealed a couple of distinct Fiber Grow advantages. Fiber Grow pellets expanded up to 10 times faster than the competitive product, achieving full expansion in a maximum of 2 minutes, versus up to 20 minutes. As well, Fiber Grow pellets retained moisture for a longer period, providing a longer period between watering without plant wilting. Seedlings growing in the Fiber Grow pellets lasted between 1 and 3 days longer without wilting, depending on sun intensity. In all other areas of significant comparison, the Fiber Grow pellets performed equally well, corroborating the company’s claims of delivering a superior non-peat alternative, sourced from an eco-friendly resource.
The UK’s Royal Horticultural Society has committed to transferring 90% of its own growing media requirements to peat alternatives by 2010. It has established a position that considers the purchase of peat to be unacceptable for the primary use of soil incorporation and ground mulching. Planters’ Pride has taken leadership in North America anticipating this type of mandated approach.
While peat is a natural product made of incompletely decomposed plant remains, increased knowledge on the role and value of peat bogs have raised disturbing questions about the wisdom of its continued harvesting. Peat bogs are estimated to hold 10% of global freshwater resources and form a unique natural habitat that supports biodiversity and species at risk. Perhaps more importantly, peat bogs act as a carbon sink, and removing that sink releases greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming and climate change.
While peat bogs grow at the ponderous rate of 1 mm per year, coconuts grow four times a year, and only the husk is used to create the raw material for Fiber Grow products, while the rest of the coconut can be used for other purposes.
Planters’ Pride’s General Manager, Don Gayford says that many consumers have indicated a willingness to pay more for earth-friendly products. “But that’s the beauty of the Fiber Grow line. It offers all the performance of peat-based products without any of the environmental harm. In our own studies we’ve even found better plant growth because coir is pH neutral and depending on the source peat can have an acidic pH. Everyone is a winner with Fiber Grow.”
Planters’ Pride Fiber Grow products are now available at leading garden retailers across Canada.
Planters Pride is a division of Kord Products Inc., which operate 6 manufacturing and distribution facilities across North America.  The rapid expansion and success of Planters Pride has come in conjunction with the resurgence of KORD, a 40 year old company.  name of Planters Pride credits the success to the company's ongoing focus on environmentally-friendly, time saving and innovative products that lead to better growing results.
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